Artificial Grasses

Artificial Grasses

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Artificial Grasses

Sundek Sports System offers Artificial Grasses (Sun Turf). Sun Turf is the closest look -alike to natural grass, and has all the third party international specifications and ratings with respect to Fire, Safety and Environment.

The base surface will have to uniform and hard. It cannot be installed over an existing grass surface as that would make the Sun Turf (Artificial Grasses) dimensionally unstable and , due to the uneven nature of the base, the joints would also show. Hence the important requirement of a level base surface.

Draincell, being an optional item, would be required if you preferred the surface water to quickly drain out from the surface, especially after a heavy monsoon shower. It has a 20mm thickness.

Maintenance of the Sun Turf (Artificial Grasses) is absolutely minimal and very basic. It can be broomed/hoovered and even washed with a water hose regularly, to keep it clean. The surface fibre will never come off in normal use.

Salient features :

  1. Helps to create a Green and Vibrant lawn all are around.
  2. Cost effective and affordable.
  3. Commercial grade materials used.
  4. Environmentally friendly.
  5. UV stabilized, designed for outdoor use.
  6. Enhance Property value.
  7. Long lasting investment, 8-10 years lifespan.