Pre Fabricated Athletic Track

Pre Fabricated Athletic Track

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Pre-Fabricated Athletic Track

The pre-fabricated rubber athletic track surfaces are globally recognized. The pre-fabricated mat is IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) approved and is totally environmentally friendly. The pre-fabricated rubber athletic tracks are a new technology and are replacing the old PU track. It is embossed one-time and workmanship gives the productvery good quality and at the same time strong resistance to water, shock-absorbent, excellent elasticity, anti-slippery, anti-aging and long lasting durability. And further, the biggest advantage of the pre-fabricated mat is that the rubber granules do not break off from the surface.

The pre-fabricated rubber mat is stuck to the asphalt base with the (PU/E) supreme adhesive which is a mixture of PU and Epoxy. It is specially used to lay the Pre Fabricated Rubber Mat for athletic track. The two components adhesive solidifies quickly with stable chemical and weathering properties. It is ideal for sticking the rubber surface onto the asphalt base and approved to be environmentally friendly.